I’ve been studying and practicing yoga for over 20 years and massage for a decade. Throw into the mix reflexology, Thai yoga massage and various other training over the years and hey presto, I have a wonderful set of skills to help people relax and feel great.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of building my business in the Essex town of Wivenhoe - a very special place where I visit regularly to treat clients and teach yoga.

Moving to West Berkshire brings exciting changes and the opportunity to grow my networks and experience.

I offer low-cost treatments to clients at Berkshire MS Therapy Centre and hold a regular clinic on Monday evenings at Living Saucha in Newbury.

Why massage?
There’s nothing better than feeling totally relaxed in your body and mind. This is the reason I love all types of body work and why I chose massage, reflexology and yoga.

Our bodies & brains are amazing, fascinating and deserve to be well looked after. I want to help people to look after themselves, be happier, healthier and enjoy their lives. Hands-on therapies are a very powerful way to achieve this.


In a nutshell, I like to teach what feels good on the day.

I incorporate many styles and enjoy exploiting my massage/anatomy & physiology knowledge to squeeze the most out of every lesson.

Classes I teach are relaxing, invigorating, balancing and fun. I mostly avoid Sanskrit and too much of the esoteric side... But then it depends on the group and how everybody is feeling.

I love sharing self-massage techniques that I’ve picked up and use myself. Animal movement, yin, power, ashtanga, Hatha & Vinyasa... a bit of everything and more.

Yoga is about how you feel not what you do.

Illustration bottom right by Natasha Searston

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