Yoga at Upper Bucklebury Memorial Hall

Mondays @ noon, 6pm & 7pm

Broad Lane

Upper Bucklebury



The Memorial Hall is just off Broad Lane, the main road through Upper Bucklebury. From Chapel Row, it’s the first left as you come into the village. From Thatcham, it’s the last right as you leave the village. There’s a sign outside, a carpark and tennis courts just in case you’re wondering if you’re in the right place!

Treatments @ Buick Mackane, Newbury



There are three options for parking very close by:

A. There’s a free (for 2hrs before 6 or free after 6pm) parking bay in front of Buick Mackane on West Mills (GREEN ARROW)

B. There’s a free (for 2hrs before 6 or free after 6pm) parking bay around the corner on Kennet Road (BLUE ARROW)

C. If there’s no room, there’s also a free carpark that belongs to Buick Mackane around the corner on Kennet Rd (RED SQUARE) .

DIRECTIONS (see image below)

Buick Mackane is in circled in THICK GREEN on the map attached.

Access Buick Mackane’s front door from West Mills. There’s a little arch which says ‘West Mills Yard’ over a very short passageway off West Mills right next to the free parking bay A (GREEN ARROW).

Ring the doorbell and somebody will open the door for you!

If you’re not so familiar with this part of Newbury, to help orient yourself, other nearby landmarks are circled in PINK. The bridge across the canal is in YELLOW.

Free chair yoga @ Educafe, Newbury

Every Wednesday 2.15-2.45pm