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“Just wanted to say a big thank you for yoga this week. I enjoy every session but especially last night, I felt stiff all over, all day, particularly legs & bum. After yoga I felt brilliant. The yoga class was like WD40 for my joints! Thank you.”

Thank you very much for today’s class. Some of that core work is exactly what I needed (and need!) and whilst I groaned a lot, I really enjoyed it.


“Excellent treatment skills, carried out with sensitivity. I felt really relaxed after the sessions and appreciated the encouragement to switch off. The circulation in my feet and legs has also improved.”

“Janine is an insightful and knowledgeable practitioner and I’d be happy to recommend her. I’m pleased with the relaxation benefits from reflexology. I’ve had fewer headaches since I started the course of treatments and generally feel more positive.”

“I’d never tried reflexology before and had mixed beliefs about its effectiveness. I also hate having my feet touched so was really pleased when Janine offered hand reflexology instead. I’m in an incredibly stressful point of my career and had forgotten how it feels to be relaxed. I was totally blown away by the experience and my wife laughed at me when I got home after the treatment because she hasn’t seen me look that relaxed in a long time.”

“Janine was very knowledgeable and explained everything. She makes the treatments extremely relaxing and comfortable. I really look forward to coming for these treatments. She is highly recommended!”

“Very competent and reassuring. I had been suffering from leg cramps the night before and this really calmed the twinges down. A really sensitive treatment. I could feel the energy swirling about and after 10 minutes, I was totally gone, completely zonked! Woke up feeling pleasantly dreamy. Great treatment, beautifully done.”

“The experience was 100% professional, relaxing and carried out in a very comfortable environment. Thoroughly and totally enjoyable. Can’t wait for next time! I was given good advice about relaxation and breathing techniques too.”

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