How to book... Contact me to request an appointment. Email, text or call - see contact details below. If you have time/date preferences, please share these and I’ll do my best to offer a suitable slot.
How to pay... ​ Advanced payment is required on all bookings. Once you've selected a suitable appointment time and date, I will send BACS details. This will allow you to fully enjoy the treatment without thinking about payment afterwards. ​ Your first appointment... ​ Before we begin your first treatment I will ask you details about your medical history. This is to ensure I am aware of any contraindications and can provide an effective treatment. If you are on lots of medication, it can help to bring a prescription. You can choose to provide this information in advance by email. At the beginning of each appointment, we discuss what you want to get out of the treatment and which areas to focus on. ​ Cancellation policy... ​ Plans change and there may be times when you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Please give me a minimum of 24 hours notice - 48 hours is even better - to avoid a late cancellation fee. The more notice you give me, the more likely I can fill your slot.
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