The first thing people want to know before they go to a yoga class is ‘what type of class is it?’. Whether you’re new to yoga or experienced, it’s a fair question. So here’s my answer...

The long version

I give my students a bit of everything. I was trained to teach a Vinyasa flow style but I like to slow things down a lot and incorporate Hatha and Yin as well as qigong, Tai Chi and other conscious movement and self massage techniques.

I incorporate many styles and enjoy exploiting my massage/anatomy & physiology knowledge to squeeze the most out of every lesson.

A class might include any combination of the following ingredients: breathing, relaxation, balance, strength training, stretching, anatomy & physiology insights, readings & yoga philosophy, animal movement, music, meditation and yoga nidra (sleep yoga).

Classes are adapted to each person in the room. Lesson plans form on the day. I encourage you to be more aware of your body, focus your mind and slow down. You’ll have a chance to leave stress behind and relax on your mat.

Classes I teach aim to relax, invigorate, balance and be playful. I occasionally drip-feed in some Sanskrit and ‘deeper’ philosophy but it depends on the group and how everybody is feeling.

My general yoga advice is not to worry about the type or style of a class but just try it. See what you like about it, give it a few tries and then make a decision on whether you want to return.

Maybe your body will decide for you... does it feel better/happier/looser after a class? Was it too long or too short or just the right length of time? Did you have an amazing sleep later that night? All sorts of different factors can affect your experience of a class but it’s wise to allow time for your body and mind to adjust to yoga and its benefits. Give it a good chance.

You may also find that you reconnect with yourself, the world around you and other people.

If you’re unsure which level of class is suitable for you, contact me. If you want to ‘test out’ the experience privately, a 1-2-1 is a good way to start.

The short version

I teach yoga that will make you move, breathe, relax your body, calm your mind and help you feel good.

What yoga do I teach?

“Good health results from perfect communication between each part of the body and mind”

BKS Iyengar