Workplace wellbeing

Bring peace and contentment to your workplace. Hire me to visit your team and provide massage, reflexology and/or yoga.

Yoga classes & wellbeing workshops can also be broadcast via Zoom/MS Teams.


Workshops and classes are designed in line with the needs of your employees. A variety of styles and techniques can be woven into your class/workshop. For example:

~ Yoga for all levels

~ Classes that focus on specific benefits eg, relaxation, energy, posture, strength

~ Breathing exercises & tai chi and qigong techniques

~ Reflexology, massage and self massage techniques


Number, type and length of treatments are arranged to suit your needs, your team and your budget. Choose from:

~ Seated chair massage

~ Reflexology

~ Thai Yoga Massage

~ Couch massage (Swedish/Deep tissue/Indian Head massage)

Contact me with your requirements and I will provide a quote.